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  • Unsure About Surety Bonds?

    By Simon Fenn
    In January 18, 2018
    Surety bonds are an important part of the construction industry and are quite often a core requirement for contractors. Bonds, and specifically Contract Surety Bonds, differ greatly from insurance in that they are three party agreements between the contractor (the ‘Principal’), the project owner to whom you are obligated...
  • Cyber Insurance… Don’t Be Next!

    By Simon Fenn
    In May 9, 2017
    You DON’T want to land on the front page of the newspaper because you’ve been hacked!     Does your company have a website?  Do you have a presence on Twitter, LinkedIN, and Facebook?  If so, you may be susceptible to a cyber-attack.     Consider that almost half...
  • The Importance of Insurer Financial Strength and Size

    By Simon Fenn
    In March 18, 2016
    In 2000 Reliance Insurance Company was the insurer behind the CRCA Insurance programme.  In June 2000 Reliance Insurance Company stopped writing insurance business and in October 2001 went into liquidation.  The Insurance Journal headlines read: Reliance Insurance Company 1817 – 2001 R.I.P. Such has been the demise of many...
  • The Risky World of a Roofing Contractor

    By Simon Fenn
    In March 3, 2016
    A summary of a speech delivered by Simon Fenn at the CRCA 2015 AGM This article reviews historical issues affecting the roofing industry; roofing liability claims; insurable and uninsurable risk in roofing specifically and introduces an explanation of the risk management process, on the opinion that the ICI roofing...
  • The arrival of Drones in Canadian ICI Roofing

    By Simon Fenn
    In February 4, 2016
    We all refer to them as drones so we can depend on the authorities to give them different names just to confuse us all.  Transport Canada has named them Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV) which at least is consistent with other international bodies.  (In this paper for context I’ll flip...
  • IHSA Training Provider Agreement

    By Simon Fenn
    In December 8, 2014
    The Infrastructure Health & Safety Association (IHSA) has three courses available to become IHSA Training Providers, these are: School Bus Driver Improvement Course Defensive Driving Working from Height IHSA Training Provider Details and Agreement   Details of how to apply for Trainer training are here: One pre-requisite of the...