Cyber Insurance… Don’t Be Next!

By Simon Fenn
In March 9, 2019
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You DON’T want to land on the front page of the newspaper because you’ve been hacked!

Does your company have a website?  Do you have a presence on Twitter, LinkedIN, and Facebook?  If so, you may be susceptible to a cyber-attack.

  • Consider that almost half of all ‘hacking’ attacks target small to medium size companies.  Do you allow employees to remotely access your system? Can they access their personal social media accounts through your system? Do vendors have access to your information?


  • All companies are responsible for the security of the data they own or originate regardless of where this data is stored.  Do your contracts with third-party service providers clearly state their obligations to safeguard sensitive information and do you control access to your data?


  • A breach involving a small number of employees, customers, and other third parties can be very costly.  Employee data is extremely valuable (payroll information, health records).  Have you restricted access to sensitive data?  Do you have a plan and the resources to notify all your customers of a potential privacy breach?

If you’re interested in learning more about the insurance coverages that are now available in the Canadian market please have a look at the attached product highlight sheet.

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