As an employer, a key to your success is a healthy and engaged workforce. Studies continue to show that Group Benefit Plans play a large role in prospective employees choosing a job. The same studies also show that it is important to understand that a Group Benefits Plan can hold more value to existing employees than a pay increase.

The fact of the matter is that a healthy employee that has peace of mind knowing every aspect of their health is financially spoken for is invaluable.

A Group Benefits Plan can aid employees in being healthy, both mentally and physically, which in turn promotes employee happiness, encouraging productivity and reducing absenteeism. Using a pay increase instead of a benefits plan can be like using a bandaid on a problem that needs surgery–a benefits plan shows employees that their employer is invested in their health and well being as well as their future.

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One size does not fit all.  Every business has its own unique needs–whether you are a workforce of 1 or a workforce of hundreds.

Here at Fenn & Fenn we work with some of the biggest and best providers in the nation to ensure you are getting the best coverage no matter what type of plan you choose to go with.

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When asked if they’d rather have their benefit plan or $5,000 in cash, the majority of plan members (63%) chose their plan. This result has been consistent since the question was first asked in 2003 (65%)

group benefit plans

Personal finances have an impact on health, as just 26% of people in poor health describe their financial situation as excellent or very good, compared to 59% among those in excellent or very good health

group benefit plans

85% of plan members used their drug plan at least once in the past year, and the same proportion used their dental plan at least once; 53% submitted at least one claim for a paramedical service such as massage therapy or psychotherapy

group benefit plans

71% of plan members took at least one day off work due to personal or family illness in the past year; among them, they took an average of 5.5 days off work

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