One of our greatest strengths at Fenn & Fenn Insurance Practice Inc., is the depth of our commercial insurance experience. This allows us to serve the needs of both small and large businesses in all types of industries. The following commercial insurance coverages are examples of the broad scope of products available through Fenn & Fenn Insurance Practice Inc. We have listed some of the most common types of coverages below. We have also included some of the more unique speciality coverages, to underscore the fact that this is only a partial listing. Please contact our office to obtain advice on the exact coverage you require for your business.

  • Property and Business Interruption Insurance Packages.
  • Commercial General Liability.
  • Professional Liability (Errors and Omissions) Insurance.
  • Pollution and Mould Liability Insurance (various forms).
  • Crime/Employee Dishonesty Insurance.
  • Credit Insurance: Accounts receivable protection in the event of default of payment by or bankruptcy of your customer.
  • Legal Expense Insurance.
  • Directors and Officers Liability Insurance.
  • Advertisers’ Broadcasters’ and Publishers’ Liability Coverage – Libel, slander and defamation coverages.

Here is a partial list of industry types on behalf of which we provide coverage:

  • Construction (including LEED/Sustainable Construction).
  • Real Estate
  • Government & Public Entities
  • Manufacturing, Distribution & Wholesale
  • Information Technology
  • Chemical Industry
  • Wind & Solar Energy
  • Transportation/Logistics

Foreign & USA Sales and Work

If you are planning to work in a foreign jurisdiction, it is wise to consider the insurance implications as soon as possible to avoid foreign Government imposed fines and penalties. By working with our affiliates in the U.S. and London, we can help map out a strategy to keep you safe and overcome any insurance roadblocks you may encounter.

Fenn & Fenn Insurance Practice Inc. Commits To:

  • Working with you to understand your company and your insurance objectives.
  • A complimentary review and analysis of your current insurance coverage.
  • Conduct a detailed review of your claims history. This allows us to identify problem issues and propose solutions, which can lead to better insurance terms and lower rates for you.
  • Review your risks and recommend appropriate coverages. We may also refer you to resources outside Fenn & Fenn Insurance Practice Inc. that may help you to mitigate identified uninsurable risks.
  • Designing your insurance program in accordance with your coverage needs and budget.
  • Delivering a formal representation of your business to the Insurers which reflects your operations in a professional manner. This often can result in better coverage terms and lower premiums.
  • Be your advocate and sounding board at all times on insurance and risk related issues.
  • Dependable after sale service including timely, correct and complete policy documents.

We will be your trusted insurance broker and adviser for all commercial insurance and risk management matters.

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