Information Technology

Over the past several years you may have noticed that the cyber liability insurance industry in general had only a peripheral understanding of the information technology industry. Coverage was difficult to obtain and premiums were significant. We believe that your industry has evolved faster than any other sector since 2000. In fact, every time the insurance industry thought it knew enough, your industry would “morph” into something even less understandable to the insurance industry, while at the same time swallowing up another industry type in its wake, such as media/advertising. Offering insurance to your industry was considered high risk. As such, very few insurers were willing to offer coverages, especially at a competitive price level.

Being solutions oriented, we identified this problem in the early stages. We are pleased to advise you that there are now a healthy number of insurers offering comprehensive and broad insurance coverage to the IT sector on a global basis. Furthermore, insurers now offer solutions for a very wide array of IT services including web hosting and online publishing/advertising & broadcasting.

Fenn & Fenn Insurance Practice Inc. has access to these leading insurers. Depending on your corporate size and perceived exposure to risk of loss, a suite of coverages – general liability, professional liability and property insurance are now offered at a reasonable annual premium. We can also attend to your vehicle insurance.

Fenn & Fenn Insurance Practice Inc. goes to great lengths to understand the challenges that IT professionals face.

We take the time to ensure we understand the nuances of your business and think outside the box to offer solutions that best address your individual insurance needs.

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