Why Take The Law Into Your Own Hands (Making a case for legal expense insurance)

By Simon Fenn
In November 2, 2011
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Legal Expense Insurance has arrived in Canada after being offered in many other countries for over 80 years. It provides affordable access to justice for small to medium sized businesses.

Based on a survey completed by DAS Canada (http://www.das.ca/), 2 days in Civil Court costs on average C$26,000 and the cost of legal services on average C$360/hour. Let’s face it: a small business has potential to be ruined when faced with legal action.

When encountering a dispute, many businesses unwisely choose to short cut the process by taking matters into their own hands and possibly running into deeper problems. Legal Expense Insurance provides you with access to leading legal experts at a fraction of the potential cost. It also will defend you in the event of specific Statutory and Criminal action against you. To top it off, with reasonable prospects of success, it will also prosecute on your behalf.

The coverage is inexpensive and one product actually includes unlimited access to telephone legal advice for almost any reason in connection with operating the business.

Fenn & Fenn Insurance Practice now offers Legal Expense Insurance. This Blog entry provides more detail on the product with a Construction focus; however, no matter what your business is, you have access to this coverage through Fenn & Fenn. Inquiries welcome. We are pleased to offer this new product in Canada to all businesses that take interest.
Feel free to contact us for a quotation.

Making a Case for Legal Expense Insurance

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